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This is a video that shows the work of One Voice over this last year from September 2011 until September 2012. We thank God for His favour upon our lives.


This is a video documenting One Voice Ministries recent mission trip to Bohol, Philippines. We taught and ministered there for 4 days. We were privileged to minister in 5 churches and speak to pastors and leaders in the city. We also went to Pangappasan Island off Tubigon.


This is a brief video highlighting the Street Ministry initiative undertaken by One Voice Ministries. HOPE, which stands for Helping Other People Excel, currently feeds 60 homeless people in around Kuala Lumpur city. For more information visit us at www.onevm.net


This is a video documenting One Voice Ministries recent mission trip to Legazpi, Philippines in March 2012. We conducted 3 days of training and ministering to pastors, leaders, worship teams and people in the business world. We also conducted evangelistic and healing sessions. We were hosted by Faith Centre, Tabaco City.


One Voice Ministries made a mission trip to Hyderabad, India in January 2012. Together with our mission partner Apostle Ratna Raju Ganta, we ministered in the city to pastors, leaders and churches. This video gives an insight into the trip. Be Blessed as you watch it.


A video presentation documenting One Voice Ministries 3rd Year anniversary.


One Voice Ministries went to Yangon, Myanmar in May 2011 to minister at Yangon Grace Bible School. We conducted a series of teachings on the Seasons of Change. The topics taught touched on the various seasons on our lives, the ministry of the Holy Spirit, the various ministerial gifts and the power of change when God is involved.


This is a video documenting One Voice Ministries mission trip to Tagbilaran, Philippines in March 2011. We conducted 2 prison ministries, a night evangelistic meeting and a 2 day conference entitled Hope For The Future. We are an itinerant ministry based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.