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  One Voice 7th Anniversary
  HOPE - Learning & Growing
  Medical Missions with GMC
  Mission Trip To Myanmar 
  MRLC - 1st Annual Sports Day
  OA - New Families & New Doors
  HOPE - Spreading The Word
  MRLC - Chapel Service 
  OA - Project OCC & Touching Lives
  HOPE - Aspire To Inspire
  HOPE - Abiding & Praying
  HOPE - Walking With Jesus
  MRLC - Spelling Competition 
  MRLC - Chapel Service 
  HOPE - Street Evangelistic Nite
  MRLC - A Changed Mindset 
  HOPE - Partners In Christ
  Mission Trip To Batam
  MMC - Abundant Heavenly Blessings
  MRLC - Artist's In The Making
  MRLC - Chapel Service
  HOPE - Blessed By Hope
  MRLC - IA Bible Challenge
  OA - Short Term Mission Trip (1)
  OA - Short Term mission Trip (2)
  HOPE - New Life In Christ Jesus
  MRLC - A Time For Celebration
  HOPE - Seeking God With Simplicity
  HOPE - Jesus Brings Healing & Hope
  OA - Medical Missions
  OA - The Power Of Salvation
  MRLC - Chapel Service
  HOPE - Jesus Brings Freedom
  LHA - Pressure Leads To Power
  OA - Celebrating The Resurrection
  OA - Jesus Is Lord
  OA - Blessings From God
HOPE - Jesus Is Alive!!
  MRLC -Special People
  HOPE - Empowering Thru' Education
  Mission Trip To Batam - Part 1
  Mission Trip To Batam - Part 2
  HOPE - Serving In Love
  MRLC - Choral Speaking & Acapella
  EFC - Breakthrough In Worship 2
  NLRC - A New Anointing
  OA - Nations Unite For Jesus
  OA - God's Deliverance & Peace
  God's Provision - Baby Hou Nam
  HOPE - Spreading God's Love
  MRLC Chapel Service (March)
  Mission Trip To India (Part 1)
  Mission Trip To India (Part 2)
  HOPE - The Lost Shall Be Found
  OA - A Weekend of Testimonies
  MRLC - Teaching Study Techniques
  HOPE Street February (1)
  Fellowship Through Sports
  MRLC Chapel Service (February)
  Sri Sempurna International School
  Myanmar Refugee Learning Centre
  Mission Trip To Bangladesh (1)
  Mission Trip To Bangladesh (2)
  HOPE Street January (2)
  Cheras EFC
  HOPE Street January (1)
  Myanmar Refugee Learning Centre
  Supply Of Milk For Children
  A New Start
  God's Provision For Pregnant Mums
  Good News Christian Fellowship
  HOPE Street Ministry Christmas
  One Voice Christmas - Orang Asli
  One Voice Christmas - Refugees
  HOPE Street November (3) 
  MRLC Camp 2014
  Charis Word Centre
  HOPE Street November (2)
  Sri Sempurna International School
  Orang Asli Outreach - November
  HOPE Street November (1)
  La Salle PJ
  Orang Asli Outreach - October
  HOPE Street October (2)
  LHA Family Camp 2014
  HOPE Street October (1)



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