Soar Like An Eagle (Part 1)

One Voice reached a milestone in ministry this past April. For 2 years we have been working on a project of translating our book SOAR LIKE AN EAGLE into the Sinama language, used by the sea gypsies in Philippines. We were working together with Jurape, who is a leader in the Sea Gypsies Al-Masihin Fellowship in Panglao Island, Bohol.  

Thanks to the generous contributions and support of the wonderful people like yourself, we were able to print and take books to be distributed free to the Sea Gypsies. Other than their bible which has the complete New Testament and part of the Old Testament, there is no other printed books or resources in their language. So this project was a momentous one for One Voice. We left Malaysia with 5 boxes of books to be taken as we visited 5 different communities, travelling by flight, boat and also ferry.


Puerto Princesa was our first stop from Malaysia. We met Ps. Jelon Billion, who is the founder of Voice of Triumph Ministries in the Philippines. He is the one who pioneered the Al-Masihin Fellowship, which is the church attended by the Sea Gypsies. We first met him in 2013. After some sightseeing in the city and lunch we took a van to Roxas, the area where we were to minister. It was a 2 hour journey. Since the whole of Sunday was travelling to get our destination, we took a much needed rest.

On Monday morning, we rode a tricycle to 2 villages. The first was in Barangay 4. Barangay’s are villages there in Philippines. The people were ready and eager to receive their first ever printed Christian resource in their language. The three of us took some time to share with them about the Eagle and dwell on certain characteristics. It was to teach them how to apply the lessons in the book to their lives.

Over in Barangay 1, we gathered in the chieftain’s home as the church was destroyed during a typhoon. The house was filled with people and they were those even peering in from the outside! Everywhere there was an empty spot, there was someone seated or standing! Many of the young people who can read came to listen and be blessed as we shared in an interactive way with them.


Then came the boat journey to Johnson Island. It is a small island located 45 minutes by speedboat from the mainland, Roxas. It is surrounded by crystal clear water, where the villagers plant and harvest seaweed as part of their living. We had lunch at the island there, with fresh seafood and crab!

As we were getting to know the people there, they shared with us how difficult life is. There is no electricity or access to proper drinking water. Those who can afford generators have the luxury of electricity. It is common practice there to harvest rainwater for consumption. The only supply of drinking water is when it is bought from the mainland.

After lunch we spent about 90 minutes ministering the word to them. Church for them is gathering under a tree in a compound. These beautiful people speak Cebuano and Illongo as their language.

We personally laid hands and spoke into their lives. We encouraged them to go after their dreams, be it getting a university education, opening a business or venturing into coming out of their comfort zones. We were blessed to have spent the afternoon with them.


On Tuesday morning we took the van from Roxas back to Puerto Princesa. We had a flight to catch to Cebu. In our hearts, we sensed a need to come back to minister and reach out to the people here in the City of The Living God.

Upon arrival in Cebu, we were met at the airport by Ps. Romeo Razonable. He was to take us to Church of Praise in Cogon Pardo. This church is under the leadership of Ps. Noel Pintor. It was a night evangelistic and healing service. It was a joy to be back here after our last visit in 2015. Thank God for friends in the ministry who were so kind to put us up in the church and host us since we were only there for a day.

We blessed all who came with copies of our books and took time to personally lay hands and pray for all who were there. As the Lord lead, accurate prophetic words were spoken into their lives and many were blessed.

Wednesday morning saw us visit a Sea Gypsy village in Mambaling and bless the community with the Sinama books.

It was here that we met Jurape (who translated our books) and Ps. Johnny who came a couple of days earlier to meet us there and introduce us to the village. It was time to travel again from Cebu to Bohol, this time via a 2 hour ferry ride. Thank God for the good weather and smooth travel!