Reaching Out Differently

January saw us return to our Orang Asli villages again for ministry after a short end of the year break. This time we were blessed to have 2 team members of Christ Tech Navigator, a ministry set up to cater towards reaching the younger generation with the gospel of Jesus Christ. They were Joshua Samuel and Glory Angeline. This trip was to do a simple Christmas celebration as we were unable to go in December due to unexpected weather conditions.

We headed to Kg. Air Hitam first to have children’s ministry. The Tech Navigator team got dressed in mascot costumes to attract the children! They took a short walk to some of the houses to invite the children. There were many who ran and came in excitement…and some that cried!

Together, we led the kids in singing some action songs and the gospel was presented to them using various methods, such as a magic show and telling the greatest story ever…Jesus being born as a gift for us at Christmas. They listened attentively and took in all the antics of the presenting team. Veron then got the kids to play a couple of games like blowing and bursting balloons as well as a ping pong ball relay. It was all good! The kids enjoyed being involved in it. We then handed out gift packs to all the kids who came. It was such a joy and heart-warming to see the children bow their heads and pray with full focus on the Lord.

At night, we made our way to Tg. Keruing where the church is located to have another celebration with the kids. The team dressed up again in a mascot and clown costume to present the gospel and share Jesus with the kids. We had a good turnout.

It was so interesting, different and entertaining, that even the adults sat in to be part of what was happening! They danced about with the kids singing worship songs and prepared a skit and puppet show to bring forth the gospel message to eager, attentive ears. They drove home the message that reliance of God rather than our own self always yields blessings. Here too, the kids were presented with gift packs. The adults then spent some time getting into the Word with Ps. Justin.


Sunday morning saw us have a full church for service! We lead the children and adults in worship first before splitting into 2 groups for the remainder of the time. The children had another experience of learning with Joshua and Glory filled with fun and excitement. As they jumped about and danced, the joy was evident.

They were attentive and took in everything that was shared with various props. The puppets made another appearance…this time telling a story about sharing and the importance of putting God first.


Inside, the adults were taught by Ps. Justin on Character Building. This year the focus is on developing one’s character well to aid the task of evangelism in the village.


The kids also got to be involved in face painting! We thank God that through some generous donors and well-wishers, we were able to bless the families at church with goody bags containing daily essentials. All glory to God for a wonderful start to the New Year!