Reaching Out

August saw us head to Pahang again for our OA outreach. For the children in Kg. Air Hitam and Tg. Keruing, it was a weekend to do with them Project Operation Christmas Child. It is an outreach program where we distributed gift boxes to children after teaching them about Godís love. Godís love for us is unconditional, we do not have to do anything to deserve it. This is the message we instilled in them. It is an outreach project done globally by an organisation called Samaritanís Purse.

Over at Kg. Air Hitam, we had an outreach with the adults, teaching them about the power of the name of Jesus and the blood of Jesus. We were also blessed to distribute clothes again to them plus snacks in the form of cakes.

In addition Nikri and his wife Suhaida, one of our church members had just moved in to a house and were in need of fans. Thanks the support a close friend of the ministry, we were able to buy 2 fans for them. Glory to God!

In the evening, we visited another village nearby to get to know the people and the village head. It is our desire to begin a work there in Godís time. This time we had Joshua, dress us as a clown and have some fun with the children by shaping balloons for them! It was a joy to see the adults come and be part of it as well. We were able to also distribute some clothes here to bless some adults and children.

On Sunday, we usually have service at 10am in Tg. Keruing. It is a time of worshiping together and sharing Godís Word. We are in the process of teaching and sharing on Character Building with an eye to prepare for the work of evangelism. This month it was to teach them how to effectively give a personal testimony. We taught them about how to deliver a good testimony and then had a practical session where 3 of them attempted to come up and share. One of them was Rosila who shared about how God healed her daughter Jessica of acute asthma.

The children at Tg. Keruing were taken throught their Sunday School lesson and activities incorporating the OCC gift boxes. The smiles and joy on their faces revealed their overwhelming emotions on receiving a free gift!! That is God's love showed to them in a simple way. All Glory to God!