Celebrating The Resurrection

In April, we celebrated the Resurrection of Jesus Christ together with our street friends. It was a special day, so we had a simple and special program arranged.

We started off with worship, celebrating Jesus, the Risen Lord. As part of worship, we are starting to introduce certain bi-lingual songs in Chinese. It is to help our friends express themselves in songs to God, knowing and understanding what they are singing.

Ps. Justin shared about how the resurrection of Jesus established Him as the only true Son of God. We helped them understand the importance of the sacrifice on the cross and what it meant for us as believers in Jesus.


We were blessed to have some friends of the ministry, Joshua Samuel and Glory, to come and do a Pantomime performance. It depicted a person who had made mistakes in life and how he was rejected by even his family…but it was Jesus who accepted him unconditionally, because of love. It was well related too by our friends.

We have also started a project to teach the street people to bless others who are in need. It is called Helping Hands. In this, we give them an opportunity to sow into the lives of those who are also needy. It is to challenge and teach them to be grateful to God and not always look at receiving help. It is also to reach out and help others. Veronica explained the whole project to them, and at the next street ministry, we will buy provisions and take a few of our friends along to visit a family and be a blessing. While the food was served, we had an exercise of gathering information about our friends. It is part of building a database of information so that appropriate help can be rendered to them. We thank God for a glorious resurrection service and to greater days ahead!