New life Restoration Centre, located in Cheras is under the leadership of Ps. Jeffrey Lam and his wife Sr. Jaecie. We were invited to conduct a 3 days youth camp for them at the OUTBAC, BROGA in Negeri Sembilan. The camp was attended by a total of 22 youth with the theme Reach For The Stars with their youth leader Sr. Susana Mayong. It was held from the 13 till the 15 of December. We reached Broga around 12 noon and after taking a tour of the beautiful place, we fellowshipped over lunch. OUTBAC stands for Outdoor Team Building Adventure Camp.

A beautiful area tucked away in a little town surrounded by mountains and lush green forest. After our fellowship over lunch, we made our way to the hall and started to commit the time to God with worship.

After worship, we moved into the first session where Ps. Justin shared on the topic Fearfully And Wonderfully Made. He spoke about how we are all uniquely created by God with talents and gifts to be used for His glory.It was then evening, where the youths had an array of outdoor team building activities planned by OUTBAC. They had games such as Obstacle course, punctured drums and building a raft. After a good physical work out, it was time for their bath and dinner.

It was then back to our hall for the next session where Ps. Jacquie spoke on Finding the Will of God. She spoke on the importance of tuning in to the voice of God and discovering His purpose for our lives. The third session is where we explored deeper into the Word of God and all the Spiritual Gifts God has given us. It helped them understand the gifts God has placed in us and how to decide on our ministry and calling.


Day 2 began with some morning exercise followed by breakfast. We then moved back to the hall for worship and moved into our forth session. In this session, the youths were given a Spiritual Gift Test Questionnaire to do. This helped them discover their individual gift and calling in ministry. They were then broken up into groups to discuss and asks questions to clarify the ministry. It was a good time developing relationships and clarifying doubts. We then moved into a time of ministering when we were able to minister to each one individually and speak into their lives.