As the Season of Christmas draws closer, we as a ministry are on a mission to do our part to bless those around us. Our first project with the help of close friends is to purchase gifts for all the students at Yangon Grace Bible School, including all pastors and their families.

One Voice managed to spend last weekend shopping all over town as we purchased a variety of gifts for all our friends at YGBS. We started by asking them to send us a wish list and with that in hand we headed to town to shop for 88 individuals.

It was then time to gather at our home as we categorized all the gifts and packed it up in Christmas bags and then into boxes. The boxes now await the arrival of Ps. Philip Van Lal Lian and his assistant pastor, Pastor S.K. Lian who will be here in KL in a week’s time. I am sure the students and all those of the YGBS family will eagerly await their return.

We thank and praise God for all those who have opened up their hearts and made this project a success that those at YGBS may be blessed this Christmas. The joy on their faces would surely be beyond words.