On Monday morning we made our way back to YGBS where we had a one day training program. There were 3 sessions held throughout the whole day. The first session was taken by Ps. Justin. The entire theme for the day dealt with the importance of knowing how to build our ministries accurately and to learn how to rise despite the struggles and difficulties that we may face along the way. To begin this session, we decided to do something a little different and that was to have a match of Malaysia vs. Myanmar. It was where Ps Justin and Ps Philip played a game called Stack ‘Em. After careful building and patience, Myanmar won the challenge. It was a good way to start the day as Ps Justin moved into his topic on SETBACKS AND COMEBACKS.

The second session was taken by Ps. Jacquie who spoke on A SHAKING IN THE MAKING and how sometimes God may shake things in our lives, but all for a reason, to make us stronger and better. We then took a lunch break, where we were able to enjoy some Myanmarese food at a shop nearby. This was followed by the third session taken by Veron which was on TEARING DOWN AND BUILDING UP. She spoke on how to build our ministries accurately according to what God has planned for our lives.

As the session drew to a close, we then allowed to students to get into their respective groups and start their preparation for the next day, where dramas would have to be presented by the students based on what we had thought. Then it was dinner and back to our hotel for a much needed rest.