On Tuesday 7th February, One Voice was invited to a church in Ampang  to conduct our Liberty School of Worship Seminar. It was a one day seminar that began at 8.30am. This was attended by the entire worship team consisting of worship leaders and musicians as well as other church members who were passionate about worship.

We began with a time of worship and then moved into the first 2 sessions of the day on the Power of Worship and the Lifestyle of a Worshipper.  We then broke for lunch where we had some time to fellowship with their senior pastor as well as other leaders of the church. We then continued with a time of worship, where as we ministered Godís Spirit began to move in a powerful way and touch all those who were present. We then began to speak about how worship is able to change different things in our lives and bring transformation and revival.

We continued with more sessions as we touched on the practical aspects of a worship team. We even had a game that emphasizes the importance of teamwork and working as one body.  We also had an open sessions where we gave people the opportunity to ask questions regarding worship and their worship teams. We ended with another time of worship where God began to release prophetic words into the lives of many who were present and give them the direction that they needed. It was powerful as we sat and listened to people come up and share testimonies on how the entire day had touched their lives. Many were edified with the testimonies that were a source of encouragement to many.

We thanks and praise God for the opportunity given to One Voice to share of our lives and the power of worship and how God is able to transform all our lives. All glory be to God Most High!