The second day being a Sunday, we ministered in 2 different churches. We started our day with breakfast that we ordered at the hotel called “Tiffin”. The portion of food in India we discovered was very much larger than that in Malaysia. We enjoyed it very much because the taste was awesome. We had thosai, vadai and “bru” coffee.

On our way to church we stopped to minister and pray for Ps. Ratna’s cousin who was not well. After a short time there, we then made our way to the Gate of Heaven Church under the leadership of Ps. Chandra Mohan and his wife.

After a time of worship, we were once again honored the Telugu way with the shawl and garland. It was our second experience of the shawl and first with a garland. We were truly blessed. Ps. Justin preached on The Voice of Intimidation and Incapability.

The service ended with an altar call that lasted quite some time. We praise God as a brother received instantaneous healing of hearing problem.

We then made our way back to Ps. Chandra Mohan’s home for lunch, where we once again enjoyed briyani rice and chicken. The food in India, I must add is really delicious. After a time of prayer and ministering to the family, we had a short time to rest and prepare for the next church.

A few hours later we were all dressed up again and left for the next church that we were invited to minister at called the Aenon Church under the leadership of Ps. Chandra Sekhar and his wife. Once again we began with a time of worship and the Ps. Jacqueline preached on Walking With God.

After the Word was preached, we had a time of ministering followed by the altar call. God moved in a powerful way as words of prophecy was released and signs and wonders took place. We then enjoyed a dinner fellowship at the church as we took time to get to know some of the church members.