We thank and praise God for answered prayers and how God has opened up another new nation for One Voice and that is the nation of Brunei. We had the opportunity to spend 4 days there and minister to the Filipino community. By 9.30 am on Friday, we arrived at the Brunei International Airport located in Bandar Seri Begawan and were welcomed by Ps Lilian Cilacan and Bro Mike Martinez one the church leaders. Our first stop was at a Filipino fast food outlet called Jolibee, as we filled our tummies knowing that we had a long journey ahead of us. We then travelled 1.5 hours to the other end of the country to a town called Kuala Belait.

The journey was lovely as we admired the beautiful landscapes of villages and little towns along the way. We thank and praise God for a wonderful couple Bro Manuel and Sr Agnes Emeliada who opened up their home to us and hosted us for the 4 days. It was wonderful for a change to live in a small town that was quiet with minimal traffic. The backyard of where we stayed was a beautiful open field filled with white storks. We were so proud as we travelled around the town and so many Malaysian cars on the road…and we just could not resist it…wohoooo…Malaysia Boleh.. We had lunch in a restaurant tasting Brunei noodles which was somewhat similar to what we eat here.

Towards the later part of the evening we had a home fellowship where those belonging to CLEF (Christ Love Evening Fellowship) gathered together for dinner. After dinner we had a time of worship and ministering and the power of God began to move in such a powerful was. With one song and a guitar, the Holy Spirit began to take over and release powerful words of prophecy. We thank and praise God for all those who were ministered to and touched on that night. The day ended well as we looked forward to day 2.


The day started with a time of fellowshipping as we got to know Ps Ernesto and Ps Lilian Cilacan. We shared personal experiences in ministry that edified each other. We then made our way to spend some time fellowshipping over lunch with Bro Andrew and his family. We had Filipino lunch served and then a short time of worship and ministering.

After a few hours of rest, it was time to head to the St James Church for the main event of our mission trip. It was CLEF’s 5th Anniversary celebration. This was attended by close to 100 over of God people. The celebration began with a march of banners and 3 flags (Brunei, Philippines and Malaysia). The reason for the 3 flags is because CLEF is made up of people from these 3 countries.

We had a time of worship followed by the preaching of the word where Ps Justin shared on Rebuilding The Temple which was the theme of the celebration. Ps Jacquie and Veron took time to share personal testimonies. We then ministered a song from our album. There was a worship dance that brought the entire event to an end.

After the service was over, we made our way to a dinner fellowship where we also celebrated all the December birthdays, namely Ps Lilian, Ps Justin, Ps Jacquie and Bro Mike. We had a great spread of Brunei and Filipino cuisine. We had a wonderful time fellowshipping together and getting to know the people there.