During the beginning of May, One Voice went out on its 4th street ministry outreach in Kuala Lumpur. Although the weather was a little cloudy and it rained slightly for some time, this did not stop the street people from coming. We were able to talk to them and distribute the food that we had.

This time around, we found that some of them were slowly starting to open up and share some of their personal problems with us. This gave us the opportunity to share Godís Word with them and pray for them. Many of them we found just needed someone to talk to. Within one hour, all the 60 packets of food were distributed. We thank and praise God that people were starting to open up and share and we knew that they were starting to trust us. We praise God that we were able to pray for some of them and perhaps plant a seed of hope in the lives of some of these people. We give all praise and glory to our Lord Most High.