Ministry In Panglao Island

For the second leg of our mission trip, we needed to travel by slow boat from Leyte to Bohol. It was a 3 hour journey from the Port of Bato to the Port of Ubay. We left in the morning at 10am to reach at 1pm. After a quick lunch we had to embark on a 2.5 hour journey by van to reach Tagbilaran. After a whole day of travel (albeit during the summer time!), we rested and prepared ourselves for ministry again.

Saturday morning was time for ministry at the Sea Gypsy village in Panglao. The Badjao Al-Masihin Church is led by Ps. Johnny Saddam. It is where we regularly come to when we are in Philippines. Veron, Anita and Ps. Jacquie took charge of the children's ministry here while Ps. Justin met the adults.

We were blessed to have 4 unbelievers who came to listen along with the other church members. Ps. Justin took the opportunity to share the gospel with them and all 4 made the decision to accept Christ into their lives! All Glory To God.

Sunday was time for us to minister in two separate churches. Ps. Justin and Veronica ministered at the Badjao Al-Masihin Church. It was here that we spoke about the book, Getting Into The Word, and challenged them to be grounded in God's Word. Veronica shared on how her life was changed by the Word of God in so many ways. What God wants from us is obedience and application of the Word in our lives.

Ps. Jacquie and Anita ministered at Sovereign Grace Church, led by Ps. Fernando Impang. He was the one that was intrumental in us beginning our ministry in Philippines on the island of Bohol and Panglao back in 2010. Ps. Jacquie shared about Leaving A Legacy. It was to encourage the church to make a difference with their lives and impact people around them. Life is not just to be lived...it is to be impacted!

We give all glory and praise to God for our time in Philippines and the many seeds that were planted as well as lives that were enriched!