Growing Well In Jesus

In May we had the joy and privilege to go for our our Orang Asli outreach again. We were excited to go as we saw tremendous results over the lasy 2 months. Kg. Air Hitam was our first stop. We gathered the adults and children in the community hall for worship.

The topic taught to the children was the story of Mary and how it teaches us obedience. Joshua & Glory were on hand, with Uncle Bala to take care of their activities, which included story telling, an object lesson and also art and craft.

Meanwhile, on the outside, the adults gathered to learn about accepting difficulties and problems in life, because it is God's way of dealing with us. Ps. Justin taught them and showed a video that lead to a short discussion. We then blessed them with some simple provisions after praying for them. We also made it a point to visit the family of Pak Deris, who passed away the week before. He was one of the first in the village to accept Jesus and always came for our gatherings.

Sunday saw a good crowd gather at Tg. Keruing for service. We had some of the villagers from Kg. Air Hitam come and join us as well. It is so refreshng and great to see the numbers grow at our church service!

This time, it was Ps. Jacquie who taught the adults about the woman that anointed the feet of Jesus with perfume. She shared with them on how important it is for us to honour God with our lives and always give Him our best. We thank God that there were newcomers as well who sat through the service and heard the message. They even came up for prayer and ministering!

We also thank God for the children who faithfully come to learn and grow in Jesus. Joshua and Glory did a great job teaching them and making the entire learning process fun. All glory to God for the work that is growing in both the villages.