The Ministry Toolbox Training

One Voice headed to Nepal in July for a week long mission trip. It was our second time there after our maiden trip last year. This time, our trip was over 2 legs i.e. 3 days in Itahari, East Nepal and 4 days in Kathmandu. To get to Itahari, we took a 40 minute flight to Biratnagar and then made a 30 minute drive to Itahari. The other option ws to travel by bus which would have taken us 14 hours! Our first visit was to Elohim Church for a cottage meeting. It was a gathering of about 35 believers to hear the Word of God and worship Him. We preached the Word and spent time ministering to the people there. We thank God for answered prayer in the form of the weather. Prior to our visit, there was no rain for 2 weeks and the heat reached 40 degrees celcius. Through the fasting and prayers of many prayer warriors, there was a heavy downpour the night we arrived that tremendously cooled down the weather. We had 3 days of just gloomy weather with occasional drizzles. All glory to God!


Wednesday 25th July and Thursday 26th July were 2 days we set apart for a training program, The Ministry Toolbox. It was attended by 60 people from many different churches. Some had to travel 3-4 hours to get to the venue daily. There were even some who stayed overnight at the church due to the distance of travel. These were people hungry for the Word of God. We taught them on three areas i.e. Personal Development, People Development and Church Development. The sessions were eye opening and relevant to all those who attended.

We had the opportunity to minister to Sr. Promila, a believer who lived in the same building as the church. She was diagnosed with a deformed kidney and multiple kidney stones which was endangering her health. The doctors advised surgery but even that was very risky. On top of that, she was looking very weak, tired and down-trodden. We laid hands and declared healing upon her entire body. The very next day she returned from the doctors follow up appointment looking radiant and happy...God had miraculously healed her and doctors said that a scan showed the kidneys back to normal size and that the kidney stones could be treated with medication! What a powerful testimony!

At the end of the training, the students were given a written exam. We awarded them with certificates from Issachar Academy in recognition of their commitment and work put in. It was a joy for many of them to receive a certificate for their efforts as they never had a chance to go beyond secondary school. We were so blessed to work with Ps. Nawaraj Basnet and his wife Sr. Esther to put this program together. There are many areas in East Nepal where there is a need to equipping and training for pastors. It is our prayer that the Lord will open a way for us to be a blessing to the land of Nepal.