Heart For Missions

One Voice headed Yangon, Myanmar in August 2018 for a week of ministry. Veron, Ps. Jacquie and Ps. Justin made the trip which involved teaching a program at Yangon Grace Bible School (YGBS) and also doing a training for 1 day in South Dagon. We arrived and met Ps. Philip, our long time mission partner at the airport. It was 2 years since our last trip to Myanmar. After checking into our hotel, we headed straight out to have a quick lunch and start our teaching in the bible school. We had a total of 26 students there.


Together, we taught them to have a Heart For Missions. It was a 4 day training program that we laid out, complete with games, fun learning activities, quizzes, memory verses and a whole lot more! These students come from very remote places in Myanmar and have never experienced city life before. We opened up the world of missions and inspired them with the need to preach the gospel. To make the learning process fun, we split the students up into 4 groups. There were many opportunities presented to them to gain marks and it was healthy competition! 

Some of the games we played included dressing up a missionary, taking steps of faith (blindfold game), impromptu quizzes, etc.

The highlight was the drama prepared by the students on Friday, after the training. It was an opportunity to get all creative and present the message in the best way possible. They did well in preparing costumes and props. It is always nice to see them go out of their way in terms of effort. All the students did a fantastic job in presenting the story lines.

The winners then received a hamper of goodies each!

All in all it was a blessed time we spent together in the bible school.

We also planned a dinner celebration for all the pastors and their families as well as the students. It was at the request of Ps. Philip who loves Indian food! So, Ps. Jacquie was commander in chief in the kitchen, assisted by the wives. It started with shopping at the local market a day before. Some of the spices we brought from Malaysia as it was difficult to get there.

The menu for the day was yellow rice, dhall, chicken curry, mixed vegetables, watermelon and jelly. We had about 50 people in total who ate to their hearts content! It was a feast for the students as their daily meals just revolve around rice and chili, sometimes with egg. Chicken is a rarity for them to eat.

We also prepared gift packs for the children of the pastors.

As everyone enjoyed the meal, the wives got to learn a little bit of preparing an Indian cuisine! We give all glory to God for what was accomplished by His grace. We thank God that though it was the rainy season in Myanmar, we were not affected by floods nor were we disrupted by heavy rains. The weather was a testimony!