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On the 31st of March 2012, God moved us to yet another level in our ministry. It was the birth of the calling and ministry that God had placed in Veronís heart more than a year ago. It is called HOPE STREET MINISTRY (HELPING OTHER PEOPLE EXCEL). It's main purpose is to reach out to the homeless people on the streets of Kuala Lumpur. God was very clear in that one voice as He gave us the location that we were meant to be in...at the centre of town near Kota Raya. Our main aim is to not only provide food for the homeless people around that area but more than anything else, to give them Christ.

It now been more that a year since we began to befriend people on the streets of KL. We have met many people from different walks of life and all with their fair share of troubles and difficulties. We started with 50 food packets and to date it has increased to 90 packets. We now have a number of people who volunteer to help us on alternate Saturdays. Each time we meet, we start by handing out food at 10am to the large group of people who would have started lining up from 9.30am. On alternate months, we also hand out clothes to all those who come.

The interesting part begins after the food has been distributed. As people sit around and have their breakfast, we take the time to walk around and get to know them personally. Through the entire year, we have made many new friends. We have had the opportunity to journey with them, pour hope into their lives and pray for them. What may seems like just a few minutes of conversation to many, but when when the right words are spoken, it can bring tremendous changes to the lives of people.

We have also had the opportunity to hand out bibles as many have been hungering for God and His Word. We thank God for all that we have been able to do for the past year and we do believe that as the ministry grows, more will be touched and ministered to. More info and photos can be seen at www.hopestreetministry.yolasite.com .

We are always open to assistance in the form of finance, food, clothes and volunteers. If you have a heart for those on the streets who sometimes have no one to talk to, then do contact us hopestreet@onevm.net

Read more about HOPE ministry at our gallery.



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