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One Voice Songs

1.  The Voice Of The Lord (click to listen)
2.  Lord That I May Soar
(click to listen)
3.  Let Your Glory Shine
(click to listen)
4.  Lord Not My Will
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5.  One Voice
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6.  You Are My Strength
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7.  I Choose
(click to listen)
8.  Open Heaven
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9.  Your Word
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10. This Is The New Me
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One Voice is a divinely inspired worship album that centre’s around shutting out all noises and voices that surround us, and getting connected with the voice of God. It is only He, who can give us clarity, purpose and destiny in life. The songs will challenge you to look seriously at your life and what needs to be done that you can stand righteous before Him. Our prayer is that every song will inspire and move you to rise above your limitations and boundaries and strive to walk towards that God given destiny in your life.

Two songs that have touched the lives of many are Lord Not My Will and I Choose. We declare in the spirit that God will raise you up to a new level of worship and a renewed relationship will be established in your life. As you listen to that ONE VOICE, may it cause you to Catch The Vision and See The Future.

What People Have Said...

The songs are wonderful. I was playing it 4 days in a row and some of the tunes just kept ringing in my head. Funny at times when I was humming the tune of one of the worship songs and my wife looked at me smiling coz she had the same song playing in her head. I also like to listen to every detail of the song plus each instrument and its arrangement. What can I say except that it must be inspired by God. Well done, Pastors J&J.
Mr and Mrs Tsen

I enjoyed the album very much. Although I am a Hindu, I was truly ministered through the songs. I took the CD home and allowed my maid to listen to it. She is a Christian from Indonesia. She doesn’t understand much English, but when I played the CD for her, the music began to touch her heart and amazingly she felt the powerful presence of God and it brought tears to her eyes.
Ms. Puva

My wife and I have always noticed that there is always a sense of heaviness in the atmosphere at home. After we bought the CD and started playing it at home, we both noticed that a sense of peace began to fill our house. The entire atmosphere started to change and there is now a renewed presence of God. I thank and praise God for this.
Mr and Mrs S D

I had a great time listening to the album. The collection of songs were created from individuals who are truly inspired by God working through the soul-stirring music.It is hard to ignore the soft ministering of the words long after the songs have stopped. Even my eight-year-old son incorporated the lyrics into his prayers. Now that God's work, without a doubt! Praise God.
Jessey George

“May my life be pleasing to you, Lord open up new doors, Raise me up like an eagle, Lord that I may soar.” These lines from your song is beautiful. They carry endless meaning to me. Thank you for producing this album ONE VOICE. I have listened to it over and over again and love it even more each time. “Often we would never in our lifetime know the effects of a single action, but every action changes someone in a significant way” This is what ONE VOICE has done for me. I look forward to more of your albums.
Lynn D’cruz

I truly enjoy listening to your album and the song that has ministered to me the most is I Choose Whenever I listen to the song it makes me think of the day when we have completed all the work that God has destined us to do and when we return back to Him. We walk with so much of pride and stature because we have gone thru everything in life and came out successful ,overcoming all struggles in our life.The song I Choose, gives me the hope that when I make the right choices in life, I know for a fact that God will be waiting at the end of the road with a smile on His face. I praise God for this wonderful album.
Veronica Louis

After listening to the CD, my three children aged 12, 10 and 8, fell in love with the song “Let Your Glory Shine”. Within a matter of hours they learnt the song by heart and enjoyed worshipping God. It was wonderful to see my children do this and it brought tears to my eyes. Personally we find the songs very inspirational especially when seeking the Lord to guide me in reaching out to others. I thank and praise God for the work He has begun.
Rodger and Ann Thomas

I find this album ONE VOICE to be truly inspired by God. The songs that have touched me the most are This Is The New Me and Open Heaven. The songs not only have ministered to me personally but I also use it during my prayer time as the lyrics inspire me to pray for my family and friends. I listen to it daily and it has truly changed my life. I thank and praise God.
Mary Pereira

My favourite songs in the album were Lord Not My Will, One Voice and I Choose. These songs just keep ringing in my ears and they are truly anointed. It has touched me in a very personal way and I thank God for what it is doing in my life.
Anita Ferns

The album is truly wonderful as it has ministered to my family in many ways. My daughter aged 6, knows all the songs by heart and sings along with the CD. She even sings them before going to sleep at night. I thank God for using One Voice to touch our family. Praise His Name.
Donald and Joan de Rozario

One Voice has touched my life in a very powerful way. I love the songs One Voice and Open Heaven. These songs are very meaningful to me and I also like the musical arrangement. Praise God for His mighty hand upon His People.
Kavitha Steven

The album is wonderful and each time I listen to it, I keep getting a new favourite song. Currently my favourite is Lord That I May Soar. To me, your album is a challenge for us to renew our personal commitment and obedience to God. All praise and glory to God, as He has brought a sense of renewal within me.
Mazviita Makwembere

It’s really a thrill to see God's promises coming to pass in your lives through this album. It gives HOPE that God's Word will not return void. It’s always wonderful to see GOD revealed. We have been touched by the songs - the music is catchy and the words speak out what is in your heart. Praise God that through the songs people will be able to get reconnected to Our Dear Father once again.
Francis & Josephine Fernandez

My family and I listen to the CD almost twice in a day and it helps us to focus on God as we listen to the lyrics of the songs. God bless the both of you and I believe a next album will be out soon. We will surely support you. God bless.
Jerry Menon

I have been listening to your album over and over again and it has brought great joy to our hearts as it has brought honour to God. I believe that He has many great things in store for the both of you. May He continue to anoint the both of you like a mighty refreshing stream with new worship songs for His glory.
Matthew and Sucila Dass

I have listened to the album. Your voices are wonderful and the songs are very meaningful. God has blessed you both with great talents. May God grant your deepest desires. God bless.
Perlin David

We are very blessed with your all the songs in the CD. The lyric are very encouraging and lifts my spirit every morning when I listen during my drive to work. It’s a job well done Pastors! May God bless all your ministries!
Ramesh and Vanitha Ramoo

I truly believe that the both of you have a very high calling in the worship ministry and that a lot of people will turn from their ways by listening to your songs. I also believe that your songs will be on the TV and radio very soon. I feel truly blessed as I listen to your album every morning as I begin my day. The song “One Voice” which is track 5 is very anointed and has transformed my life in a very powerful way. May God continue to bless the both of you.



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